Run Your Business from Anywhere

Run your business from anywhere
on your desktop, tablet or smartphone

GoNotes was designed for the small business professional. We understand the demands and versatility of your work and have the tools at the ready.

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All Your Clients Organized

All your clients organized
in the palm of your hand.

GoNotes helps you look like a rock star with all your important client information organized in one place. Where it's simple, easy-to-use. Your clients will know you are prepared and that you care.

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Book Your Appointments Online

Book your appointments anytime and
from anywhere with online scheduling

Our users tell us that 35% of their clients are scheduling appointments at night and on weekends. GoNotes Online scheduling allows clients to self-schedule so you can secure that business without delay.

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Grow Your Business as a Solopreneur

Notifications are automatically sent
to your clients reducing no-shows

GoNotes will automatically send appointment confirmations, reminders, thank you notes, birthday messages and reminders to book online. Keeping your day on-time and running smoothly.

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Make your business even greater

Learn how GoNotes can help you grow your business.
Easy-to-Use, Accessible and Affordable
Easy to use and affordable tools for solopreneurs
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Welcome to GoNotes!

To all independent professionals and small business owners,

The moment you decided to start your own business, you made a very bold and courageous professional move.  We commend you. We wish you the best and hope you succeed.  In fact, GoNotes exists because we recognized a need in the market for helping people just like you to do just that – helping “the little guy” be successful.  We recognized that you are not best served by the same products and services designed for large corporations.  You are not best served by the complexity they bring; you are not best served by the price tag they bring; and you are not best served by the fact that they have been and will continue to be driven by the needs of a few of those corporations instead of you. 

GoNotes is committed to helping you succeed by providing easy-to-use, effective, and affordable small business management and marketing tools, along with content and community focused on people like you. Our web-based software (SaaS) is designed to help you organize and work smarter. It’s designed to automate key aspects of your business, like appointment scheduling and appointment reminders, so that you can stop wasting time and limited resources. It’s designed to help you grow your business through unique, personalized marketing tools. It is designed to be simple to learn, simple to use, and simple to access from any device connected to the internet.  Your experience with our services are designed to be the same whether you are using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Most of all though, it’s designed for you and will continue to be designed for and by you in the future.

Please browse our website for more detailed information on what we offer.  Our Why GoNotes page lists specific features such as relationship marketing, eNurturing, contact management, appointment scheduling, online booking for clients, email and SMS text notifications, etc. Check out our FAQ page for answers to common questions such as who uses GoNotes or for videos on popular features.  Visit Plans & Pricing to see our simple-to-use and easy-to-get-started plans.   

We also invite you to try our forever free Starter plan.  No credit card is required.  If you put it to the test and like it, which we think you will, the cost of plans to support a growing, thriving business is very affordable. We know how every expense matters to you, and it is our objective is to provide you valuable services at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

You see, we believe that in order for us to succeed in our business, you need to succeed in yours.  You and others like you.  If our services are easy to use, effective, and affordable, then we will all succeed.

The best time to grow your business is right now. Let’s work together to do it.


Your GoNotes Team