GoNotes Acceptable Use Policy

Last modified August  2017

GoNotes has created a set of business tools and practices to help self-employed business professionals succeed in today's marketplace. In order for the GoNotes to work optimally for your business, we have acceptable use principles that everyone must abide by. If you violate this policy, we may suspend or terminate your account. We may also suspend or terminate your account according to GoNotes Terms of Use if we see behavior, content or other unprofessional conduct that poses a threat to GoNotes and our user community.

Please do not use GoNotes to send anything offensive, promote any illegal activity or harass anyone. You may not use our system to send:

  • Emails that violate CAN-SPAM laws
  • Pornography or sexually explicit content
  • Emails offering to sell illegal goods or services

Some businesses have higher than average abuse/spam complaints, which can jeopardize the deliverability of our entire system. In general, hard bounce rates should be under 5% and spam complaint rates should be less than .1%.  In order to maintain the highest delivery rates possible for our GoNotes user community, we may closely review, suspend, throttle back or disable accounts that exceed these rates.

GoNotes has worked hard to create a positive reputation for our service and we expect that our GoNotes users will do the same in their business interactions. Therefore you may not:

  • Send spam. You cannot send unsolicited bulk email or any message that violates CAN SPAM law. You must only send messages to clients who have elected to receive email or text communication from you.
  • Put into your email or account any content that wasn't created by you, provided to you to use, or that would violate anyone's rights. That includes copy, photos, graphics or other proprietary content.
  • Use any fictitious or misleading names, addresses, email addresses, subject lines or other information on the website or in any emails created or sent using GoNotes.
  • Share your login and password.
  • Use any of the software on our website, downloaded from our website to decipher, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer or create a competing product to GoNotes.
  • Set up multiple accounts for any person or entity in order to send similar or duplicate content to clients.
  • Import or incorporate any sensitive business or personal information into any lists, emails or uploads to GoNotes such as Social Security numbers, passwords, security credentials, or personal health diagnoses.
  • Upload or send to purchased, rented, third-party, publically available data or partner lists of any kind.
  • Send content created in GoNotes through another service.
  • Host content on our system for any purpose other than to run a legitimate and legal business.
  • Manipulate or modify your contacts in order to avoid our billing thresholds.

As a business marketing and communication tool provider including email and text, we must be diligent about preventing spam- related abuse. As mentioned above it is in everyone's best interest to keep our system's reputation held in the highest regard as our deliverability depends on it. You may only use GoNotes in accordance to this Acceptable Use Policy and we may suspend or terminate your account if you violate them. For a full list of anti-spam guidelines, visit the Bureau of Consumer Protection Website.  

Thank you for taking the time to read our Acceptable Use Policy.

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