Email messages that will delight your customers and stand out in their inbox

Email marketing is an important part of your marketing strategy.

Especially when you are a solopreneur independent business owner.You need marketing tactics that can provide measurable and meaningful results. Talking about an effective email marketing strategy and actually generating the response you desire are two different things entirely.
Sending emails that generate a response is a blend of art and science. With the amount of email companies out there, the deployment or actual sending of emails is pretty straightforward.
As a solopreneur independent business owner you’ll want to spend the time in getting your email message "the content" right. Your customers are getting solicitations from various brands and business each day. Take the following step to ensure the emails you send will delight your customers and strengthen your client relationships.

Here are some tips to bring some pizzazz to your customer’s email inbox:

Use the right tone of voice

Remember in communication classes where they stressed the importance of body language in your communication. Well with email you don’t have the ability to utilize body language but you can influence the communication and the result by using the right tone of voice. You’ll want to make sure that your written message showcases the personality of your business in a friendly and welcoming manner. Your email marketing should spur a two-way conversation. To do this correctly, you want to craft your message to emphasize relationship building rather than just the immediate sale. A customer may not be ready to take immediate action or schedule an appointment today so you want to make sure that the message you send lets the client know you’re happy to help when they need you. You want to convey that the door is always open. If writing email is not your strong suit – sign up for eNurturing by
Effective marketing is all about staying connected, building rapport and elevating your brand. GoNotes will keep you connected with your clients and sphere of influence by sending relevant and timely emails that are designed to engage, start conversations and get your customers to take action. eNurturing by GoNotes will strengthen your client relationships and can be passed along to generate referrals.

Reward your customer

Your customers want email communication that provides them with information they need/want or an incentive to take the next step with your business. If you're a dietitian or a personal chef send clients your favorite recipe and the reason why you chose to share it. If you’re an accountant or financial advisor send customers information on how to prepare for tax season or how the latest tax laws could impact them. Make sure the emails that you send to your clients will be valued and worth their time in reading it.
Customers enjoy free gifts, discounts, coupons and prizes. Email is a great place to launch a contest or send them a discount code about an upcoming promotion.

Write stand out email subject lines

Did you get many emails today? Your clients did too. How can you ensure that the email you send with your super fantastic information gets noticed and more importantly opened? It all starts with a fabulous subject line usually been 50 and 75 characters long. One tool we like is from CoSchedule. It’s a headline analyzer. It gives you a score for your creativity, word choices and use of emotional words. All these attributes have an impact on getting your customers attention. Great email subject lines will encourage clients to open up the email and engage with your business.

Keep your email lists clean and up- to- date

How did you build your email list? Was it from client appointments,and export from your contacts in your phone, from networking events or business tradeshows? Regardless of how you got your email list- it’s important to “clean” the lists before starting up your email campaign. Services such as Neverbounce or Briteverify can help clean or"scrub" your email list for you. Upload your email list into their platform and for pennies per email these services can remove duplicate emails, make sure you aren’t sending to any outdating addresses and remove other email address errors that can keep you from having inbox delivery success.

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