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Tools for self-employed, independent professionals

I'm a self-employed, independent professional. Will these tools work for me?

GoNotes was built specifically for a solo professional's unique business needs. We specialize in tools for the self-employed business owner and independent sales or service provider. You can stay connected, market and communicate with clients on a consistent basis. We'll make it easier for you to Read More do business with online booking, client follow-up and other automated features. When you're busy going from one job site to the next or one client to the next, GoNotes is the personal assistant you always needed without the hassle or expense.

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eNurturing Email Marketing Video

How does eNurturing relationship or email marketing work?

eNurturing by GoNotes is designed to keep you top-of mind with your clients by sending relevant and engaging emails that are not solely focused on your industry or coupons but instead are designed around conversational relationship building topics. Your emails will provoke a response from your contacts and can be passed along to other potential referrals. Read More Effective marketing requires the right message, consistency, timeliness and is focused on building relationships.

GoNotes eNurturing is the most efficient and affordable way to fill your schedule. Check out the video on eNurturing to see how it works. Show Less

Online scheduling with appointment reminders

How does online scheduling with appointment reminders work?

You're busy but remember so are your clients. Make your appointment schedule available when clients are ready to book. Everyone gets frustrated with playing phone tag, wrong appointment times, and no-shows. Get the tools to change all that. GoNotes online scheduling allows your clients to self-schedule their appointments - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With your personalized website booking page, your customersRead More can see your availability and schedule the services they want on the spot. They also see your payment and cancellation policies. Each time your client books an appointment, GoNotes will send automated reminders, appointment confirmations and alerts – keeping your day on track and running smoothly.

See how easy it is to offer online booking by watching the video.

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How can I add my GoNotes online booking feature to my personal website and Facebook page?

online booking button for website and facebook pageYou can easily promote online scheduling on your website and social media channels. You can display a booking button on your business website. Clients can click on the "book now" button to access your schedule, view your services, service description, pricing, payment and cancellation policies. On Facebook just add your customized booking url Read More (eg. to the call-to-action button on your business page. Make it easier for customers to make appointments with you by promoting your online booking feature on all of your promotional materials.

See how easy it is to offer online booking by watching the video.

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I want to encourage my clients to schedule with me more frequently. Do you offer a feature to invite them to book?

Yes, we do. Do you have clients who left without scheduling their next visit or other customers who are overdue for services and you haven't seen in months? Encourage them to take action with our feature called Invite to Book. You can send a customized note inviting them to schedule with you online. You can include an incentive Read More in your message such as "book in the next week and get 10% off your service". Send invitations to individual clients or to specific groups of clients. These messages will prompt customers to get back on your schedule.

Whatever service or product you are selling, building relationships with contacts and customers is critical to your long-term success.

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contact management for self-employed professionals and small businesses

I need an easier way to organize my client information. How can GoNotes contact management help?

GoNotes Contact Management helps you look like a rock star with all your important client details organized in one place. As a professional it is important to be prepared for each appointment. This shows your clients that you care. Read More

Client Photos allow you to timeline their progress and find them in a crowd.
Session Notes provides a central spot to document your appointment and highlights from the session.
Appointment History is where you organize past sessions, all searchable and accessible anytime.
Comments are key reminders of significance like allergies, recent surgeries, family, children, etc.

Add your clients' contact preferences and GoNotes will send appointment confirmations, thank you notes, birthday messages, reminders to book online and monthly marketing messages. The more you populate your client details, the more GoNotes can work for you. Learn how to get the most out of the contact management features by watching this video.

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Is GoNotes easy-to-use?

Yes, our system goes where you go and works with just a browser and an Internet connection. It is intended to be simple, flexible and convenient - allowing you to easily organize and grow your business on the Go. Whether using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone you'll get the same friendly user experience.

How can I differentiate customer or client types within GoNotes?

For starters, contact profiles can be marked as a client or a prospect (leads). You can also tag customers easily by making special notes or comments on them. Contact profiles including notes and a comments section, are all completely searchable. Read More When you are ready to send invitations to book online or other email marketing- send to your specific groups by using the contact search function. Show Less

Can I customize my client communications?

Yes of course. GoNotes has pre-written client messages to make it easier to get your business up and running in minutes. You can personalize the information by just editing the existing messages. These client communicationsRead More and client notifications include: enurturing email marketing, thank you emails, birthday messages, appointment confirmations, appointment reminders, payment policies, cancellation policies, and your email signature.Show Less

How do client thank you messages work?

Saying thank you and recognizing your clients for their business is a key way to maintain their loyalty. From a phone consultation to a 3-hour service, it is important to recognize and thank them for their time and patronage. Create a personalized thank you message that speaks to your clientele and save it in your notification settings. When you finish with a client appointment makeRead More any key notes about the session and then check out the appointment. Once you do the system will send a personalized thank you message to that client and encourage them to book again online. Sending thank you communication to your clients after each appointment shows your gratitude and interest in their repeat business.

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How can I recognize my customers’/clients’ birthdays?

Let GoNotes send them a note on their special day. Ask your clients for their birthday information. You only need the month and day. Put that information into their contact profile. Create an uplifting message in GoNotes, and we will send this message to your clients on their birthdayRead More like clockwork. Many GoNotes customers reference a discount or a small gift i.e. " In recognition of your special day, book an appointment within 30 days of your birthday and receive 20% off or get a free gift with purchase." Develop a special birthday message that works best for your business and clientele.

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