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30 Contacts
10 Online Bookings/mo.
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300 Contacts
Unlimited Online Bookings
All Features Below

$ 8 Month
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1000 Contacts
Unlimited Online Bookings
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$ 17 Month
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All Plans Include These Features

Relationship Marketing

  • eNurturing Email Marketing
  • Invite to Book Online
  • Birthday Recognition Emails
  • Client Follow-up Emails
  • Detailed Performance Reports

Appointment Scheduling

  • Client & Personal Appointments
  • Advanced Recurring Options
  • Custom Services Mgmt.

Online Booking

  • Custom Webpage and URL
  • Book Now Button for Facebook or Your Website
  • Flexible Booking Options
  • Custom Confirmations, Reminders and other Notifications

Contact Management

  • Client & Prospect Mgmt.
  • Activity Notes
  • Appointment History
  • Click to Call, Text*, or Email

General Features

  • Mobile-Friendly Dashboard
  • Daily Recommendations
  • Custom Business Profile
  • Custom Email Signature
  • Help Center & Email Support

Add-on Features

  • SMS Text Messaging $4/mo.
    • Appointment Reminders
    • On-demand Messaging
    Available to send to clients in the US & Canada.
*SMS Text Messaging Add-on Required