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GoNotes Introduction Video Transcript

OK, look.  If you run your own business, then you probably spend most of your time...well...running. You run from one client to the next...from one "to-do" to the next...and to the next...and to the next. 

And in a way, that's OK 'cause you're good at what you're probably great at what you do! But what's not so great is that often leaves you no time to most importantly GROW YOUR BUSINESS. That's where GoNotes comes in.

GoNotes combines all your client info, online scheduling, automated notifications  and seriously cool marketing tools...then organizes them all in the palm of your you can grow your business -- on the go.  Alright. Here's how it works:

Let's say you're a massage therapist...or a personal trainer...

No!  You're a hair stylist...and you have all these clients.

GoNotes will organize your client profiles all in one place…and automate your business with online scheduling and appointment you more time to focus on what you do best.  And when it's time for your next appointment you see your schedule, client details, photos and all the notes you've ever made about your client... how she likes to style her hair

...what type of cut

...what type of color

...what type of...whatever!

When you're done with your client – just add session details and GoNotes gets busy.  We will automatically send the client a thank you…an appointment confirmation…or a reminder to book online. 

For one low price, GoNotes easy-to-use system, does all this while you’re already back to...styling...lawyering... accounting...tutoring...or whatever you do best!

So focus on where you're great.

And GoNotes will help you grow your make you even greater.

Sign up for your FREE trial right now and put GoNotes to the test for the next thirty days.

OK!  You can stop blinking now.