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Online Scheduling Video Transcript

When you're working with clients, who's managing your schedule?

It's tough running from one client to the next... and to the next.

Playing phone tag...dealing with no shows, forgotten appointments, wrong times, cancellations. 

Your job is demanding and clients expect an immediate response.

And when you can't reply you lose appointments and you lose income.

GoNotes Online Scheduling allows your clients to self schedule their appointments 24 hours a day 7 days a week. With your personalized booking page,

Your customers can see your  availability and schedule the services they want on the spot. They also see your payment and cancellation policies. Each time your client books an appointment GoNotes will automatically send both you and your client automated reminders, confirmations and alerts to keep your day on time and running smoothly.

So focus on your clients and let GoNotes Online Scheduling keep your schedule booked.