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When your clients are ready to make their next financial move, you're there to advise them of options that will make their money work hardest for them. As an accountant/CPA, you help guide your clients towards sound financial decisions. If it's preparing their personal taxes, evaluating investments, setting up a trust or planning for retirement. You make sure your calculations produce the best scenarios for your client's future financial success. Yet, when you are crunching the numbers, advising on financial portfolios or doing your extensive financial market research, who is answering your calls, who is scheduling your clients consultations? How do you keep up with the necessary client follow-up that keeps them engaged until next tax season? Are you missing opportunities and losing potential income?

GoNotes can help you with 24/7 online scheduling, automated appointment confirmations and reminders and follow-up thank you emails. Our simple contact management system allows you to enter all of your client notes for easy reference the next time you work with that client. What can you do to make your service faster and more accurate? Do they have recurring issues? What might you do differently to prepare for the next time? Just enter all of your important details as session notes or comments. You can do this from any device (phone, tablet, desktop). All entries are searchable for quick reference. Upload pictures of your clients or take pictures with your phone directly from the GoNotes web app, so you can remember their faces and easily spot them in a busy lounge.

Don't have time for marketing? What about those clients you haven't seen in awhile? You can use GoNotes to send out gentle reminders to book their next appointment online or even send an automatic birthday note with a session discount. Our unique eNurturing email marketing system gives you an effortless way to casually communicate with all of your contacts on a monthly basis. Our marketing experts write a selection of informative, engaging emails every month, and we send them on your behalf, like clockwork. These touches will keep you top of mind and remind your clients to book their next appointment with you to get their finances tidied up.

You can focus on what you're great at... navigating the financial markets and tax laws, educating your clients on opportunity costs , financial gain and avoiding unnecessary losses and most importantly guiding clients to make sound financial decisions and investments.

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