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As an advisor your day is full as you focus on the growth and development of your advisees. You assist them with their educational plans and meaningful alignment with their future goals. You must be available for frequent consultation as your advisees navigate their way through their higher education. You give your undivided attention to each student. When you are in a consultative session, who is available to your other advisees? Would business be easier if you had a service helping you with scheduling and client follow-up?

GoNotes can help you with 24/7 online schedulingautomated appointment confirmations and reminders and follow-up thank you emails. Our simple contact management system allows you to enter all of your client notes for easy reference the next time you work with that client. What can you do to make your service even better than before? What might you do differently to prepare for the next time you are called upon for life changing advice? Do you know your clients like family and friends? Do they believe you are genuinely interested in them? They should. Just enter all of your important details as session notes or comments and review them before every session. You can do this from any device (phone, tablet, desktop). All entries are searchable for quick reference. Upload pictures of your clients or take pictures with your phone directly from the GoNotes web app, so you can remember their faces and easily spot them in a busy lounge.

Don't have time for marketing? What about those clients you haven't seen in awhile? You can use GoNotes to send out gentle reminders to book their next appointment online or even send an automatic birthday note with a special offer.  Perhaps offer to buy them lunch for their birthday or give them a special discount during their birthday month. Also, our unique eNurturing email marketing system gives you an effortless way to casually communicate with all of your contacts on a monthly basis. Our marketing experts write a selection of informative, engaging emails every month, and we send them on your behalf, like clockwork. These touches will keep you top of mind and remind your clients that you are their go-to advisor.  Changing advisors is not an easy decision for people, but don't make it any easier for your clients. Make sure you continue to stand out from the crowd by showing you are thinking about them and are sincere in your concern for their future.

You can focus on what you are great at... thoughtfully advising and guiding individuals to make the most of their education and future careers.

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