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Students are the apple of your eye. Instructors, teachers, tutoring services, academic advisors and professors who keep office hours - your accessibility to your students in need is critical. But, you can't be more than one place at the same time, and you can't always predict when your students will need you. Some days may go exactly as planned, and some days it may seem like all of your students need special attention or extra help. On those days, while you are in class or another planned student session, unexpected things can pile up quickly and become overwhelming. Your organization, scheduling/planning, and attention to details can begin to suffer.

While you are teaching class, or tutoring, or are busy offering that extra help (because that's what you), what aren't you doing? Those assignments you were going to review may get pushed to another day. You may forget to research that new technique you heard about that may help one of your students? Perhaps a parent messaged you to find out your availability for a special session? Did you skip writing detailed notes on your last session? With so many clients and a busy, often unpredictable schedule how do you keep it all straight?

GoNotes can help you with 24/7 online scheduling, automated appointment confirmations, reminders and follow-up thank you emails. Our simple contact management system allows you to enter all of your session notes for easy reference the next time you meet with that student. Did the student struggle with something or excel at something? Did you discover a new method of helping that student learn better? Do you have a plan for doing something new at your next session? Just enter all of your important details as session notes or comments. You can do this from any device (phone, tablet, desktop). All entries are searchable for quick reference. GoNotes will ensure that both you and your students are always prepared.

Don't have time for marketing? What about those clients you haven't seen in awhile? You can use GoNotes to send out gentle reminders to book their next appointment online or even send an automatic birthday note with a session discount. Our unique eNurturing email marketing system gives you an effortless way to casually communicate with all of your contacts on a monthly basis. Our marketing experts write a selection of informative, engaging emails every month, and we send them on your behalf, like clockwork. These touches will keep you top of mind and remind your clients to book their next appointment with you instead of your competitors.

Let GoNotes take care of your business behind the scenes, so you can focus on what you are great at...educating students and helping them make smart choices.

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