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Cosmetologists, stylists, nail technicians and estheticians- you love both the art and the personal human interaction of your work. Your focus is on creating amazing looks for clients. It's about making them feel good about their appearance, getting them ready for that job interview, that big date, or that wedding. You probably don't love organizing your schedule or calling clients with reminders. You just don't have time for that when you are on your feet all day working with customers.

If you are really fortunate, you have some help with those things. But if you are renting a booth or a salon suite, you may not have access to front-desk support. And what happens if you leave the salon you're working at for another one? Who has all your customer contacts and appointment history? Are you jotting down your client info in an appointment book that can get misplaced?

GoNotes can help you with 24/7 online scheduling, automated appointment confirmations, reminders and follow-up thank you emails. Our simple contact management system allows you to enter those important client details like color formula, skin type or product purchases into your GoNotes contact profile. You can do this from any internet-connected device (smartphone, tablet, desktop). All entries are searchable for quick reference. Upload pictures of your clients or take pictures with your phone directly from the GoNotes web app, so you'll have a reference of their latest look if you want to recreate it at their next appointment or just need to recognize someone in a sea of faces. If you haven't seen a client for a while, you can send them an email invitation to book with you online. You can send all of your clients timely marketing messages that will keep you top of mind and remind them to make that next appointment...which of course they can do through your GoNotes custom booking webpage.

Don't have time for marketing? What about those clients you haven't seen in awhile? You can use GoNotes to send out gentle reminders to book their next appointment online or even send an automatic birthday note with a session discount. Our unique eNurturing email marketing system gives you an effortless way to casually communicate with all of your contacts on a monthly basis. Our marketing experts write a selection of informative, engaging emails every month, and we send them on your behalf, like clockwork. These touches will keep you top of mind and remind your clients to book their next appointment with you when they need to look their best.

Let GoNotes take care of your beauty business behind the scenes, so you can focus on what you are great at... taking care of clients and making them feel beautiful inside and out.

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